Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Babysitters' Club Makeover

So you all know I was a bit of a BSC tragic in the 90s. I'd been contemplating giving the BSC a style makeover following my last Polyvore post, and thought now, having just read The Summer Before, was the perfect time. I always felt in the books that the girls acted and had way more responsibilty than their intended (and never changing) ages - I mean really, how would let a thirteen year old look after their baby? So I've tried to incorporate this, as well as capture each girl's distinct personality and bring it into the noughties (so no more oversized sweaters or crazy layered socks!).

KristyFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Kristy by Girl_Friday featuring Nike

Kristy is the president of the BSC. She's a self-declared tomboy, and is known for her leadership skills (bossy or control-freak may be a more appropriate word), making her perfect for the BSC and as coach of a junior softball team, The Krushers. No more turtlenecks (seriously, did she ever wear anything else?)

Softly spoken Mary-Anne is the secretary of the BSC. Her father used to be super strict but since remarrying Dawn's mother, she's been given a bit more freedom (and is now allowed to wear jeans to school!) This shrinking violet is also the only member of the BSC with a boyfriend and the only member with a serious boyfriend (Southern sporty stud, Logan Bruno from Kentucky).

Claudia Kishi is Japanese American with amazing long, silky black hair, a flawless creamy complexion and almond shaped eyes. As she's an ~artist~, she wears the most outrageous outfits that would look totally ridiculous on anyone else. Like today she wore a short black and red floral jumpsuit ontop of black lace tights. She paired it with a fitted maroon blazer covered in crazy badges and topped off the outfit with cherry-red Doc Marten boots.

StaceyFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Stacey by Girl_Friday featuring Chanel

Stacey is the most fashionable member of the BSC. She's originally from New York City and is totally sophisticated. Always described as having curly blonde (permed) hair and long eyelashes. She also has diabetes and loves math.

Dawn is a transplant from sunny California - though always seems to be moving back and forth in the books. She is super chill (except when it comes to the environment, then she gets crazy hardcore) a vegetarian and health food freak. Her style was always described as 'California casual' (which I never quite understood).

Jessi is a junior member of the BSC. She is also a dedicated ballet dancer, one-time synchronised swimmer and a student at Stoneybrook Middle School. Her only other notable trait is that she's African American, unfortunately I don't remember reading many of her books - sorry!

Mallory Pike is also a junior member and the BSC's token redhead. She is one of eight children and unfortunately seems to suffer from ugly duck syndrome. Mallory is an aspiring writer and loves horse stories. Growing up, I always hated that Mallory was so bland and always looked frumpy on the covers. This especially annoyed me as I too was a redhead, glasses wearing girl with braces! I really wanted to give Mallory an awesome new look (and ended up making her new style freakishly close to mine).


Nomes said...

this is such a cute post. I love it :)

My fave was always claudia :) Occasionally Dawn (probably motivated by Dawn being my middle name. haha).


Girl Friday said...

Awww, glad you like it Nomes!
I always liked Stacey (she seemed so glamourous!) but was probably more of a Mallory (ack, how embarrassing!)

Anonymous said...

i liked mary anne she is sort of shy just like me i also liked jessi cause i love to dance

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