Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mixed Bag #3 - Nostalgia

I was inspired this week after Kate's stellar post about the Babysitters Club sequel and a recent discussion with a friend about childhood reading habits (she tried to convince me that you were either a BSC girl or a Sweet Valley girl - if you grew up in the mid eighties to late nineties).

I think I was probably more of a Babysitters Club girl - I owned about thirty or so of the books (mostly the earlier ones from op-shops) and would religiously borrow them from both my school and local library.
I loved these books, though always hated Mallory, mostly because they gave her red hair and glasses (like me) but she such a goody-goody, know-it-all, pain the arse (though if I'm honest, probably more like me than I'd like to admit ... ok, nevermind).

Anyway, let's take a trip down memory lane and onwards to the linky goodness!

(I have to say, I really like the earlier covers - when they actually look like thirteen year old girls! Though I suppose the one on the right is more 'fun'.)

What Claudia Wore - A must read for anyone who grew up on BSC! I always relished that second chapter, where they re-introduced you to each of the babysitters (even though you'd probably already read half the books in the series and knew who everyone was, plus every member of their family, their interests etc) purely because I liked hearing what the girls were wearing. Major lulz at some of Claud's outfits like "she was wearing a red shirt with Mexican hats and cactus plants printed on it, and blue-and-white-striped pants held up by polka-dotted suspenders. On her head was what looked like an engineer's cap (it matched her pants), and dangling from her ears were miniature cowboy boots, which she'd made herself." (Super Special #5 - California Girls).

BSC Headquarters - Tiff blogs her way through the Babysitters Club series, one book at a time. Very snarky and fabulous!

The Quick 10: Babysitters Club - Mental Floss brings you ten facts you may not have known about the BSC (I remember being shattered to learn that Ann M. Martin did not write every single book)

BSC and Business Sense - Erica at Girl with a Satchel talks about the Babysitters Club as young entrepreneurs, and the impact of the BSC on girls growing up in the late 80s/early 90s.I always liked that the girls made their own money (though I never really remember how they spent it) and it definitely inspired me to try and form some of my own clubs during lunchtime at primary school (please note that none of these clubs worked unfortunately).

Babysitters Club: Where Are They Now - Flavorwire predicts where our favourite BSC members would be now, in their early 30s.

Babysitters Club TV theme - I used to borrow these videos from my library all the time! I always liked this series more than the movie for some reason. Be warned, this song is damn catchy, and it will get stuck in your head for the next few hours "cos you know that your friends are always there..."

And for those who were more Sweet Valley girls (I sort-of became one after my BSC phase - so from about
ages 10 - 13 I was really into SV- though more the Sweet Valley Twins than everyone else's favourite Sweet Valley High - as my mum was really good at finding the Twins series books at op-shops). Sweet Valley was so much more ~scandalous~ than ol' Stoneybrook! Plus, there was cliques (like the elitist group of hot chicks, The Unicorns) and boy drama!

(The new covers are pretty cute, and I think would totally appeal to the Gossip Girl-esque demographic. I kind of love the older covers too and have about ten of them still in my wardrobe)

Tom Cho on Sweet Valley - Hahaha, I love Tom Cho and damn, he has a schweet SVH collection! His mini reviews are just awesome.

Sweet Valley adaptation - So there's talk of Diablo Cody penning the Sweet Valley High film adaptation. Just quietly, I for one am super-excited! I love her and think she'd be perfect at bringing Jess and Liz to the big screen.

Sweet Valley covers - The entire collection of Sweet Valley cover-art! I love them - some are so kitschy and cute. Seeing some of these covers is bringing back some memories circa 1997 (like being ~so scared~ at SV Twins books 97 - 100, which were all set at some creepy Amityville-esque house where the twins babysat)

Sweet Valley High TV Recaps - Shannon recaps episodes of the Sweet Valley High tv series (I used to religiously watch this on Saturday mornings - after Hang Time and before USA High. Please tell me someone else remembers them?)

1bruce1 - Livejournal community for super-snarktastic recaps of the SV High book series.

One of my favourite Sweet Valley High books was about the girls and their mom, Alice, and the owner wanting to steal their mom's face! Oh, the drama! Google-fu tells me it was Murder in Paradise and 1bruce1 does a brilliant job recapping the lolz.

I'm definitely dragging out some of my old books tonight. Something tells me I'll have to write about Goosebumps and Fear Street next!


Chachic said...

I loved both series when I was younger! I thought they were the best books around. Then I discovered Newbery-awarded books and I never looked back. I think I passed on my Babysitters Club and Sweet Valley books to my younger cousins. I don't have my copies anymore. :(

Girl Friday said...

I know! My little sister didn't like them at all, so my mum gave most of them away - I wish I still had them!

Yeah at about 12 - 13, I discovered that there was a lot of other (better) books out there haha

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