Thursday, May 6, 2010

Getting to Know You

So originally I had intended to do this a while ago, but felt a bit silly and self-indulgent. Now it seems I have a few more readers and am getting more into following other blogs and want to know more about the people behind them! Plus, the Blogspot profile doesn't give you much space!

So here is a little bit about me:

I am a university graduate, with a degree in Creative Arts (fancy way of saying arts degree mixed with creative writing). I majored in English and Cinema Studies, because I was interested in books and movies, and didn't give a lot of thought to a career-trajectory. I currently work in retail (to pay for my book habit), and am also an assistant to a literary agent.

Fiction: I've always been a big reader and am lucky to have grown up with a family who has encouraged my habit (even if they were a bit baffled "wait, can you take that many books out of the library? when you are going to read them all?) Despite having spent three plus years studying 'literature', I've always been more interested in childrens and young adult fiction instead (I hated high school literature - though stupidly chose to study it two years in a row - and spent the class time reading Harry Potter instead). My preferred reading is contemporary YA (though I'll read most YA, with the exception possibly of bit-lit), crime fiction and books about film. I also really dig young adult fiction by Australian authors.

Film: As you have probably gathered by now, I'm also a bit of a film geek. I'll pretty much watch anything once, and am supposed to be watching all of the Best Picture award-winning films over the course of the year (but as you can see, I'm kind of on hiatus with that). I couldn't tell you my favourite film as it changes regularly, but in my top ten would always include The Goonies, Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, and Female Trouble. If we're talking genres, I love eighties/early nineties teen movies, b-grade horror, exploitation and blaxploitation films and musicals.

TV: I'm also not one of those film people who hate TV. While studying film at uni, I was shocked at how many film students were anti-TV. Ehhh, I love (most) of it and think there are some fantastic high-quality programs being made right now. I guess my TV tastes reflect my reading habits, as I mostly watch teen dramedies and crime shows. My favourite show will always be the taken-too-soon Freaks and Geeks, and I'm a self-professed Gleek. I'm also really into Criminal Minds, but that's mostly for other reasons.

Music: I won't spend long here because as far as cool music taste goes, mine ranks fairly low I'm sure. For example, I love musical theatre recordings (a whole lot too, I'm probably a lot more like Rachel Berry than I'd like to admit). I also adore Jason Mraz, Ben Lee, She&Him and The Pipettes (original line-up).

Other things I like: baking, anything to do with zombies, film history, geekish things, spending money I don't have, going to see the theatre (trying to be cultured and balance out the amount of reality TV I watch), listening to podcasts, buying gifts for people, having long baths, going on picnics, Wikipedia, getting mail, jukeboxes, urban legends and  I am also kind of good at trivia. But only of the pop culture kind.

I'm also on Twitter43 Things and Good Reads!

I would love to know more about all of you! So feel free to make a Getting to Know You post of your own, or in the comments :)


kate.o.d said...

yeah! pipettes! did you see them at the east brunswick a few years ago?? with little red, was rad. i wish they had released "boy in uniform" from the original original line up. top song.
me? just bookseller, reader, writer. traveller, singer, wine-drinker. love anything french.
i really enjoy your blog. glad to meet you in this here blogosphere.

Girl Friday said...

No I've never had the chance to see them live but that sounded divine! I found them in an odd way - I'd just discovered the film 'Beyond the Valley of the Dolls' and saw that a band had recreated a scene from the film (which of course, is about an all-girl pop trio discovered by an eccentric record producer), watched the video and was like "omg, these girls are adorable and this song is awesome!". It was Pull Shapes and my love for their lonely only album was born.

Must also say I'm especially jealous of your bookseller status, as my retail job mostly consists of visual merchandising, trying to sell telescopes and having to endure long conversations with local eccentrics about gemstones haha.

Thank you for your lovely words, am also loving your blog!
Steph :)

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