Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Page to Screen mid 2010

As you are probably well aware by now, I am kind of a nerd when it comes to movies. I go to the cinemas fairly regularly and mostly by myself (which apparently is weird. Is it? Thoughts?) and get pretty darn excited about trailers and upcoming films. 2010 has been a big year for book-to-film adaptations. We've already had  Fantastic Mr Fox, Alice in Wonderland, Dear John, Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant, and Percy Jackson & The Olympians - The Lightning Thief to name a handful. So I thought I'd do a quick round-up of some of the childrens' and YA adaptations to come in the latter half of the year.

Please note I did deliberately omitted Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Their official trailers are not yet released and both films are not out until the end of the year, when I hope to do another Page to Screen round-up.

Also please note, all release dates listed are for the Australian release.


I can easily say that I'm well over the Twi-hype. When I originally read Eclipse, I probably enjoyed it the most from the Twi-series, but the trailer of course only highlights the Edward/Bella/Jacob love triangle. Ho hum. All the Twi-trailers have the same formula (much like the films) - Bella looks pensive + Edward looking cranky + dramatic music + fighting = oh noes!! The interaction between the Cullen family is, so far, what I've found most enjoyable about the films (and there really isn't much of it at all). Plus, if I was forced to pick Twi-teams it would be Team Jasper, who actually it supposed to have a decent part in Eclipse, but is not featured in the trailer once. No love Summit, no love.
Release Date - July 1st

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Cannot wait for this!!! I have been eagerly waiting for this film since I first read Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life and saw the first film stills at the start of the year. Not only do I love the graphic  novels, I am also a big fan of both Edgar Wright and Michael Cera. Cera seems perfect for the placcid, slacker Scott and am excited to see Mary Elizabeth Winstead's Ramona Flowers. And Kieran Culkin as Wallace and Alison Pill as Kim Pine (my two favourite characters of the series) is pretty amazing. Also, can I just remark on how much Michael Cera and Anna Kendrick actually look like siblings? Side note: Arrested Development fans get extra excited for a reunion/battle between George Michael and Anne!!!
Release Date - August 26th

Tomorrow When The War Began

When I first hear TWTWB was going to be adapted for the big screen, I was worried. It's a book that I know has such a huge significance to so many Australian teens (or like me, adults who read the books in their teens). So I first viewed the trailer with a mix of excitement and apprehension, especially knowing that they had cast teens from Neighbours and Home and Away. I should not have been concerned, as in my opinion, the trailer has definitely seemed to capture the tone of the novels and the personalities of the characters (Homer getting tackled as he ogles Fi cracks me up everytime). I'm really looking forward to this!
Release Date - September 2nd


Hmmmmmm. I've read the book and quite enjoyed it, but so far, the film doesn't seem to sit right with me. I think the stylistic changes (particularly to the Beast's appearance) and big-name casting has turned me off so far. Vanessa Hudgens as Linda is really irking me, and I feel having someone so conventionally attractive will take away from the book's key message. The release date in the US has already been pushed back a couple of times which doesn't seem to be a good start. Who knows though, it may totally surprise us.
Release Date - September 16th

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Firstly, I have to admit I've never read any of these books so my trailer-viewing is completely blind. Without knowing the series plots, I think the film looks fairly fun and amusing for it's intended audience. I feel like everyone can relate in some way to feeling left-out or embarrassed around their peers, especially during school and it seems like the film will (hopefully) deal with this in a funny yet sensitive way. Sorry for the vagueness, I probably should do some more reading!
Release Date - September 23rd

Ramona and Beezus

Starring newcomer Joey King and Selena Gomez in the respective title roles. Now it's been over twelve years since I read Beverly Cleary's books and upon seeing the trailer I was sort of stumped (the plot seemed to be nothing like I remember) but having Wiki-ed them, it seems like Ramona and Beezus incorporates plots from a number of the books, especially Ramona Forever. I'd love to take my cousin Jessie to see this, and hopefully introduce her to the books as well. I really hope the film emphasises the relationship between the two sisters, as I think the quirky-little-girl story has been done before (Matilda). Though I do think the fantasy sequences look really cute!
Release Date - September 30th

Any upcoming adaptations I missed? Any films you are really excited for
(regardless of whether they're based on a book or not)? Please share!

Edit: Eeep! I'm sorry the trailers are getting cut-out by my layout. My HTML skills are pretty rusty, but I'll work to fix this soon!

Monday, May 24, 2010

By My Bedside #9

By My Bedside is part of In My Mailbox - a weekly book meme, created by Kristi of The Story Siren.

A teeny, tiny pile again this week - mostly because I've still got a few books from last week still to read. Unfortunately my actual bedside table is still a bomb site, so photos were again taken on my hastily cleaned desk.

Merrow - Amanda Braxton-Smith (for my bookclub, and has the loveliest cover)
Suite Scarlett - Maureen Johnson
Spring Awakening - Frank Wedekind, translated by Jonathan Franzen (re-read)
Don't You Forget About Me - edited by Jaime Clark

All books were purchased by me, except for Suite Scarlett which belongs to my local library.

What are you reading this week?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fiction to Film - Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

The Fiction
Author: Dyan Sheldon
Publisher: Walker Books, 1999
Length: 301 pages
Genre: Young Adult

Mary Elizabeth (more commonly known by her chosen stage name, Lola) has been cruelly forced to relocate from the bright lights of New York City to suburban Dellwood, New Jersey. Instead of fading away and aclimatising to life at Deadwood High, Lola takes on Queen Bee, Carla Santini, in a fierce battle for the lead role in the school’s theatre production of Pygmalion. At the same time, Lola's world is rocked by news of her favourite band splitting up, and in true drama queen form, she drags her new friend Ella on a wild chase through New York in order to see the band perform for the last time.

Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen is a lively and fun read. Sheldon captures a unique voice in Lola, bringing the right mix of bravado, ambition and wit. Lola is completely over-the-top and out of control, and yet you can't help but like the aspiring actress (I feel like she is the type of person that in real-life would probably irrate me a lot, but I find her endearing on paper at least). Whilst it may sound like a fairly trivial and light-hearted tale of cliques and high school musicals, there is a positive message about self confidence and friendship at it's heart, which is hard to fault.

The Film
Director: Sara Sugarman
Screenwriter: Gail Parent
Studio: Disney
Release Date: June 2004
Cast: Lindsay Lohan (Lola), Alison Pill (Ella), Megan Fox (Carla), Eli Marienthal (Sam) and Adam Garcia (Stu Wolf)

I think the success of this film adaptation is from having cast the right Lola. Now I know Lohan is currently a total mess, but I think she had a fantastic career up until 2006 (I'll include pretty much everything from Freaky Friday to Bobby) and was a talented young actress. I'll leave further discussion of her later antics, DUIs and rehab to people like Perez and ONTD, but I do feel like she has thrown away was a once promising career. In Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, Lohan is fresh-faced and dynamic. Her Lola is engaging and has great comic timing. Whilst at times she borders on completely over-exaggerated, it completely works for the character.

Argh, I think she was so fresh and pretty. I miss the freckles and red-hair!

Lohan is able to capture all aspects of Dyan's Lola and her vibrant personality. Alison Pill breathes new life into Ella Gerard, who on paper is completely outshined by effervescent Lola. Pill is very endearing as Ella, and her performance, especially in her confrontation scene with Lola, brings a new dynamic to the character.

I also felt that Gail Parent's screenplay adaptation provided a better sense of conclusion. The novel's ending seemed a bit of a let-down after such an action and drama filled plot, and left Lola's possible romantic future unresolved. The film, however, manages to fairly successfully tie up a range of sub-plots with style and in a manner satisfying to the intended audience - Stu Wolf decides to stay sober, Carla and Lola call truce and romantic potential in Sam is fully realised (I felt he was under-utilised in the Confessions novel).

I love that the film actually allows you to see Lola on-stage in the play (made into a musical called Eliza Rocks!). As a drama geek, I wished the book spent a bit more time on the actual production itself. It's kind of very High School Musical and super corny, but it's very fun (in a guilty pleasure kind of way) and fitting to the film's style.

What I probably found most enjoyable about the film adapation is it's strong visual style. I give major snaps to the entire production design department! The style is spot-on at capturing the tone of the original novel, and is lovely to look at. The costumes in particular, are amazing, with Lola's look paying homage a range of Hollywood starlets and style icons.

Overall, I think Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen translated pretty well to the silver screen. I do think that the involvement of Disney did mean the film is adapted more towards a tween audience (rather than the teen reader the book is intended for). Whilst I felt that some of the comedy and sarcasm of the novel was toned down to suit the marketed (younger) viewer, the visual style sets the film apart from other films in the mid noughties tween genre (like Sleepover and A Cinderella Story). The screenplay makes the most of the source material and the finished production retains most of the spirit of the novel.

For a further discussion of the costumes (my favourite part of the film) and some cute stills, please continue reading below the cut.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mixed Bag #4

Super small collection of links this week as my bandwidth is nearly gone for the month (already? I know right? Painful.)

Tyra Banks is writing a book! - Modelland (pronounced Model Land) is "The story happens in a make-believe place called Modelland - every girl in the world wants to go there because it’s where “Intoxibellas” are trained. Intoxibellas are drop-dead beautiful, kick-butt fierce and, yeah, maybe they have some powers too". WTF??? Does anyone over the age of thirteen still take her seriously? (And this is coming from a serial ANTM-watcher).

Hilary Duff has also written a book - Elixir sounds kind of like three other novels I've already read, but smooshed together. However, I like Hilary and think she is professional and well-spoken, would be interesting to see how the book is received (especially after the success of Lauren Conrad's books. And I mean sales not literary success).

Henry Winkler has written 17 books! I had no idea! It was only when I started searching celebrities who had written children/YA fiction, that I discovered this tidbit. Good on him - every kid could learn a thing or two from Fonzie, eyyy!

Has anyone read any "celebrity-authored" kids/YA fiction?
If so, who was good? Who was not? Who was clearly using a ghostwriter?

Reading Stereotypes - Lauren Leto spills what your reading habits say about you. I wish their was one more YA/middle reader specific though! I am not clever/snarky enough to come up with these sort of things, otherwise I'd be all over it.

Stephenie Meyer writes boring sentences. Also, the sky is blue.

Just for the lulz, I'll leave you with Tyra Banks being om-nomed by RPattz (her facial expressions are hilarious!)

Monday, May 17, 2010

By My Beside #8

By My Bedside is part of In My Mailbox - a weekly book meme, created by Kristi of The Story Siren.

Greetings, salutations! A short stack again this week, as I've still got a few older books to catch up on, plus have a bunch of submissions to read for work. Onto the books:

The Wings of Kitty St. Clair - James Aldridge
Kiss of Life - Daniel Waters (sequel to Generation Dead)
The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian - Sherman Alexie
Beautiful Malice - Rebecca James
Teen Dreams: Reading Teen Film and Television from Heathers to Veronica Mars - Roz Kaveney

Top three books are from my library, bottom two were purchased by me.

What are you reading this week?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Will Grayson, Will Grayson

So by now everyone knows I’m kind of a John Green fan girl, and that I was ridiculously excited about the recent release of Will Grayson, Will Grayson this month. Now I tend to find that with great anticipation and excitement can come one of two things – great pleasure or great disappointment. Thus, as excited I was about Will Grayson, Will Grayson, I tried to brace myself - just in case.

The Facts

Authors: John Green and David Levithan
Publisher: Text Publishing (Australia), originally by Dutton Juvenile
Date: 2010
Length: 310 pages

The Fiction

“What if you were somewhere
you never expected to be
and met someone with your name?”

As the title suggests, Will Grayson, Will Grayson is about two teenage boys who share the same name. One Will Grayson lives his life by two strict rules 1. Don’t care too much & 2. Shut up. His world is dominated by his larger-than-life best friend, Tiny Cooper who has written an autobiographical musical and is attempting to bring it to the school stage (and possibly humiliate Will in the process). The other Will Grayson is severely depressed, medicated and angry. The one thing he looks forward to is his nightly IMs with net-friend Isaac.
One night, the two Will Graysons meet, and their lives are hugely impacted. In the same vein as Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist and Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List (both collaborative novels by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan), the story alternates between the two Will Graysons, and is an engaging narrative of love, lies, and laughter, culminating in an unbelievably amazing musical theatre experience.

So onto the Will Graysons. John Green’s Will Grayson is the one I thought I would immediately love. JG WG definitely fits the almost archetypal male protagonist of JG novels – though he seems more to the Q side (less socially awkward and book smart) than the uber-nerdish (but no less loveable) Miles and Colin. This WG definitely has that distinctively John Green voice (not only in the fact that I feel Green writes in a very specific style, but also that I read all of his chapters as if John Green himself is actually speaking it. Does this make sense? I think if you’ve watched any of his videos, you would know what I mean. Actually this might clarify). What I adored the most with his writing and it’s the same thing I love about all of Green’s books, is the way he writes friendship. The relationship between Tiny Cooper and Will Grayson was just - sigh – tops. I really loved it. Green is able to realistically write, particularly male friendships, in a way that is funny, touching and heartfelt, without being sappy or lame.

Then there is David Levithan’s will grayson (for some reason, capitals need not apply in his chapters). Now whilst I am clearly a John Green fan girl, I am also a big fan of David Levithan as well and if I’m really honest, it was probably his Will Grayson that I ultimately enjoyed more (though don’t get me wrong, I still loved JGWG!) David’s wg is probably the more ‘real’ teen voice, in that I felt that he better captured a sincere and emotional experience. He is also amazingly well written (though I think some will find him harder to engage with – he is less immediately likeable). DL’s wg also had a definite vulnerability to him, which I felt was well balanced with a dry, black sense of humour.

Now Tiny Cooper. Where to begin? Tiny is the “world’s largest person who is really, really gay” and is just utterly fabulous! He reminded me of Green’s Hassan from An Abundance of Katherines with Infinite Darlene from Levithan’s Boy Meets Boy, played by Daniel Franzese (Damian in Mean Girls). Whilst some may find him over-the-top, I felt he had a really loveable exuberance and was full of heart and good intentions. Also, the whole musical Tiny Dancer/Hold Me Closer, “the gayest single musical in all of human history”, was just so camp and touching (actually, it reminded me of Hamlet 2). I will also say that though there has been some criticism of the ending, I honestly loved it and felt it tied a whole lot of threads together quite effectively, whilst leaving the reader with the right mix of satisfaction, emotional impact and warm fuzzies.

On the (slightly) down side, I really didn’t like Maura at all (though also felt she was treated somewhat unfairly - regardless of her later actions in the story, I felt will grayson used her) and also felt Jane just needed something more. So I guess, would have liked to have seen some of the female characters better developed, though in saying that, I thought will grayson’s mother was extremely well composed.

Clearly, I’ve gone on for long enough. This book was definitely worth the wait, and every moment of my excitement and anticipation! Will Grayson, Will Grayson is everything I want to read and evidently love in young adult literature – awash with pop culture, loveable & relatable characters, witty dialogue and a whole lot of heart.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mixed Bag #3 - Nostalgia

I was inspired this week after Kate's stellar post about the Babysitters Club sequel and a recent discussion with a friend about childhood reading habits (she tried to convince me that you were either a BSC girl or a Sweet Valley girl - if you grew up in the mid eighties to late nineties).

I think I was probably more of a Babysitters Club girl - I owned about thirty or so of the books (mostly the earlier ones from op-shops) and would religiously borrow them from both my school and local library.
I loved these books, though always hated Mallory, mostly because they gave her red hair and glasses (like me) but she such a goody-goody, know-it-all, pain the arse (though if I'm honest, probably more like me than I'd like to admit ... ok, nevermind).

Anyway, let's take a trip down memory lane and onwards to the linky goodness!

(I have to say, I really like the earlier covers - when they actually look like thirteen year old girls! Though I suppose the one on the right is more 'fun'.)

What Claudia Wore - A must read for anyone who grew up on BSC! I always relished that second chapter, where they re-introduced you to each of the babysitters (even though you'd probably already read half the books in the series and knew who everyone was, plus every member of their family, their interests etc) purely because I liked hearing what the girls were wearing. Major lulz at some of Claud's outfits like "she was wearing a red shirt with Mexican hats and cactus plants printed on it, and blue-and-white-striped pants held up by polka-dotted suspenders. On her head was what looked like an engineer's cap (it matched her pants), and dangling from her ears were miniature cowboy boots, which she'd made herself." (Super Special #5 - California Girls).

BSC Headquarters - Tiff blogs her way through the Babysitters Club series, one book at a time. Very snarky and fabulous!

The Quick 10: Babysitters Club - Mental Floss brings you ten facts you may not have known about the BSC (I remember being shattered to learn that Ann M. Martin did not write every single book)

BSC and Business Sense - Erica at Girl with a Satchel talks about the Babysitters Club as young entrepreneurs, and the impact of the BSC on girls growing up in the late 80s/early 90s.I always liked that the girls made their own money (though I never really remember how they spent it) and it definitely inspired me to try and form some of my own clubs during lunchtime at primary school (please note that none of these clubs worked unfortunately).

Babysitters Club: Where Are They Now - Flavorwire predicts where our favourite BSC members would be now, in their early 30s.

Babysitters Club TV theme - I used to borrow these videos from my library all the time! I always liked this series more than the movie for some reason. Be warned, this song is damn catchy, and it will get stuck in your head for the next few hours "cos you know that your friends are always there..."

And for those who were more Sweet Valley girls (I sort-of became one after my BSC phase - so from about
ages 10 - 13 I was really into SV- though more the Sweet Valley Twins than everyone else's favourite Sweet Valley High - as my mum was really good at finding the Twins series books at op-shops). Sweet Valley was so much more ~scandalous~ than ol' Stoneybrook! Plus, there was cliques (like the elitist group of hot chicks, The Unicorns) and boy drama!

(The new covers are pretty cute, and I think would totally appeal to the Gossip Girl-esque demographic. I kind of love the older covers too and have about ten of them still in my wardrobe)

Tom Cho on Sweet Valley - Hahaha, I love Tom Cho and damn, he has a schweet SVH collection! His mini reviews are just awesome.

Sweet Valley adaptation - So there's talk of Diablo Cody penning the Sweet Valley High film adaptation. Just quietly, I for one am super-excited! I love her and think she'd be perfect at bringing Jess and Liz to the big screen.

Sweet Valley covers - The entire collection of Sweet Valley cover-art! I love them - some are so kitschy and cute. Seeing some of these covers is bringing back some memories circa 1997 (like being ~so scared~ at SV Twins books 97 - 100, which were all set at some creepy Amityville-esque house where the twins babysat)

Sweet Valley High TV Recaps - Shannon recaps episodes of the Sweet Valley High tv series (I used to religiously watch this on Saturday mornings - after Hang Time and before USA High. Please tell me someone else remembers them?)

1bruce1 - Livejournal community for super-snarktastic recaps of the SV High book series.

One of my favourite Sweet Valley High books was about the girls and their mom, Alice, and the owner wanting to steal their mom's face! Oh, the drama! Google-fu tells me it was Murder in Paradise and 1bruce1 does a brilliant job recapping the lolz.

I'm definitely dragging out some of my old books tonight. Something tells me I'll have to write about Goosebumps and Fear Street next!

Monday, May 10, 2010

By My Bedside #7

By My Bedside is part of In My Mailbox - a weekly book meme, created by Kristi of The Story Siren.

A bit of a mixed bag this week! Plus, I've still got a few books from the past few BMBs that I haven't finished. Also forgot to include the book I'm reading for my new bookclub, Jodi Piccoult's House Rules.

Top Row (DVDs)
48 Shades
Wuthering Heights (the MTV adaptation)

Middle Row
So Yesterday - Scott Westerfeld (audio book)
Guitar Highway Rose - Brigid Lowry (audio book)
Sugar Sugar - Carole Wilkinson

Front Row
Talking to Strangers - Anne Cassidy
Sticky Fingers - Niki Burnham
Frannie in Pieces - Delia Ephron

What are you reading this week?

Friday, May 7, 2010

Snack Size #2

So, it's been a bad blogging week for me - sorry! We exceeded our bandwidth last week, so have another few days until it starts back again, meaning it takes forever to load anything so mostly I haven't bothered too much.

Anyway, have a few more tiny, tasty reviews (at 100 words or less each!) below:

Loser! Pina Grieco-Tiso
Published by Insight Publications, 2006
191 pages

Angus thinks his life sucks - his parents are normal (even cool) and happily married. Despite being a nice, smart kid and a talented footballer, he calls himself a ‘loser’ and goes out of way to hang around with a bad crowd, then is left to deal with the consequences. It took a long time for Loser! to build up, and then I found the climax to be disappointing and overshadowed by an obvious moral message. However, Grieco-Tiso captures an accurate teen voice in Angus, and I later discovered that Loser! comes from an educational publisher, explaining a few things.

In Ecstasy - Kate McCaffrey
Published by Fremantle Press, 2008
263 pages

Sophie and Mia, childhood best friends have always done everything together - including trying ecstasy for the first time at a party. From there, the two go down different paths – Mia descends on a downwards spiral of drinking and drug-taking, while Sophie chooses to ‘say no’ and pursue a a meaningful relationship with an ex-boyfriend. Whilst the writing is very strong and has on obvious anti-drug message, I did feel that In Ecstasy was slightly too black and white with its moral message and felt like it was written by an adult. I felt Bronwyn Donaghy’s Anna’s Story better served the same purpose.

Always Mackenzie - Kate Constable
Published by Allen & Unwin, 2008
179 pages

This is the first book I’ve read from the Girlfriend Fiction series and was very pleasantly surprised. After a bonding, clique-breaking exercise on school camp, studious booklover Jess Martinic (known as Jem) strikes up an unlikely friendship with Mackenzie, who is in the elite popular group and an all-round golden girl. What I expected to be a fairly typical novel about friendship and high school cliques was actually kind of amazing –Always Mackenzie is charming, engaging and honest. I was also struck by its sensitively in handling a relatively under-addressed topic in girls YA. It’s definitely encouraged me to try more in the Girlfriend collection.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Getting to Know You

So originally I had intended to do this a while ago, but felt a bit silly and self-indulgent. Now it seems I have a few more readers and am getting more into following other blogs and want to know more about the people behind them! Plus, the Blogspot profile doesn't give you much space!

So here is a little bit about me:

I am a university graduate, with a degree in Creative Arts (fancy way of saying arts degree mixed with creative writing). I majored in English and Cinema Studies, because I was interested in books and movies, and didn't give a lot of thought to a career-trajectory. I currently work in retail (to pay for my book habit), and am also an assistant to a literary agent.

Fiction: I've always been a big reader and am lucky to have grown up with a family who has encouraged my habit (even if they were a bit baffled "wait, can you take that many books out of the library? when you are going to read them all?) Despite having spent three plus years studying 'literature', I've always been more interested in childrens and young adult fiction instead (I hated high school literature - though stupidly chose to study it two years in a row - and spent the class time reading Harry Potter instead). My preferred reading is contemporary YA (though I'll read most YA, with the exception possibly of bit-lit), crime fiction and books about film. I also really dig young adult fiction by Australian authors.

Film: As you have probably gathered by now, I'm also a bit of a film geek. I'll pretty much watch anything once, and am supposed to be watching all of the Best Picture award-winning films over the course of the year (but as you can see, I'm kind of on hiatus with that). I couldn't tell you my favourite film as it changes regularly, but in my top ten would always include The Goonies, Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, and Female Trouble. If we're talking genres, I love eighties/early nineties teen movies, b-grade horror, exploitation and blaxploitation films and musicals.

TV: I'm also not one of those film people who hate TV. While studying film at uni, I was shocked at how many film students were anti-TV. Ehhh, I love (most) of it and think there are some fantastic high-quality programs being made right now. I guess my TV tastes reflect my reading habits, as I mostly watch teen dramedies and crime shows. My favourite show will always be the taken-too-soon Freaks and Geeks, and I'm a self-professed Gleek. I'm also really into Criminal Minds, but that's mostly for other reasons.

Music: I won't spend long here because as far as cool music taste goes, mine ranks fairly low I'm sure. For example, I love musical theatre recordings (a whole lot too, I'm probably a lot more like Rachel Berry than I'd like to admit). I also adore Jason Mraz, Ben Lee, She&Him and The Pipettes (original line-up).

Other things I like: baking, anything to do with zombies, film history, geekish things, spending money I don't have, going to see the theatre (trying to be cultured and balance out the amount of reality TV I watch), listening to podcasts, buying gifts for people, having long baths, going on picnics, Wikipedia, getting mail, jukeboxes, urban legends and  I am also kind of good at trivia. But only of the pop culture kind.

I'm also on Twitter43 Things and Good Reads!

I would love to know more about all of you! So feel free to make a Getting to Know You post of your own, or in the comments :)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

By My Bedside #6

By My Bedside is part of In My Mailbox - a weekly book meme, created by Kristi of The Story Siren.

A teeny, tiny pile of material is by my bedside this week. Mostly because I didn't end up having time to go to the library, and also because I still have a small pile of library books from the last two weeks waiting to be finished. Also, I am quite po-po at the moment, so no money for lovely new books unfortunately.

I've also included my recent collection of magazines. I probably haven't mentioned it here, but I'm sort-of a magazine junkie. I tend to buy them though and flick through the quickly, then save them for a quiet afternoon and read them cover to cover.

Anyway, here's the (new) things I'll be reading this week:
Empire - May issue (mostly purchased for the Goonies poster!!)
Nylon (from March - I only buy certain issues of Nylon as it's so $$ and full of ads and photos of hipsters)
Vanity Fair (also from March, again I only buy select issues like the Hollywood editions, and because this had an amazing John Hughes feature)
Frankie - May/June issue - I have a subscription, and love it. Yay for mail!
Peppermint - purchased for the amazing vintage fashion spreads

Dreaming of Amelia - Jaclyn Moriarty (I've had this book for a month or two, but am determined to read it this week)
Will Grayson, Will Grayson - John Green & David Levithan (I think I've raved enough about my anticipation and excitement of this book's arrival)

What are you reading this week?

Let me fangirl for a moment

Look what I finally got my hands on!

(sorry for the crappy webcam picture, but you can clearly see my excitement to get a photo of this baby)

I popped into a suburban Borders yesterday on the odd-chance that maybe, just maybe, they would have put out Will Grayson, Will Grayson out a little early. As you can see by the goofy grin on my face, they did!
There's something about that feeling - when you've been waiting super-patiently for months and months for something, then BANG it's yours.

Apologies to my sister, who was with me at the time and had to endure my small-ish squeal and then my fangirlying for the next half hour while we had coffee.