Thursday, April 22, 2010

YA Community Thanksgiving

Adele from Persnickety Snark came up with the excellent idea of a YA Community Thanksgiving: in which book bloggers are encouraged to share what they enjoy and appreciate about YA blogosphere. Yay! Another lovely suggestion from Adele. So even though I'm a very new blogger (at just over a month old, MGF is a newborn in blog-time), I still wanted to share the love and write a bit about my experiences so far!

Image Source: Volume 25 via A Beautiful Mess

Finding other people who love YA as much as I do: has made me realise that it's ok to still exclusively borrow from the YA section, despite being twenty-two. And the YA blogging community has the best taste in TV too (yay for teen dramas)!
Book recommendations!: Bad for my bank account but so hard to resist!, The YA blog-land is great at highlighting the best reads and has lead me to some of my favourite books (for example, I discovered Simmone Howell through Persnickety Snark and Steph Bowe). Actually a big chunk of the books I've read this year have come from recommendations or reading lists of YA bloggers and authors who participate within the community.
Finding niches within a niche - I love that everyone in the community has their own interests which filter through their blogs: Kate shares my love of a good Melbourne coffee and makes excellent cafe recommendations and Kristi of Story Siren has such fun, unique features like I'm Just Not That Into You)
Level of support: recently a few YA bloggers had some problems with plagarism and it was fantastic to see how quickly people got on board to support them and spoke out on the issue.
Down-to-earth authors within the community: since joining the YA blogging community, I've found a lot of YA authors to be super accessible (the power of social networking!) and lovely. I never would have thought I'd be able to meet and tweet people who have written some amazing books.

*Snaps for everyone!*

Anyway, it was so fun to give thanks to this community! Though I'm still a newbie, everyone I have communicated with, has been very friendly and welcoming. I'm definitely hoping to become more involved in the YA community.

Thanks for all of your inspiration, humour, encouragement and positivity!


Adele said...

I'm 28 so don't you worry about hanging out in the YA section. I am the scary lady pushing awesome books onto the unsuspecting. Thanks so much for taking the time to participate in spreading some YA love!

Girl Friday said...

Pretty sure I just squee-ed a little getting a comment from you Adele!

Chachic said...

I'm 25 and I still read mostly YA! You really have nothing to worry about, age doesn't matter when it comes to YA. :) I completely agree about the book recommendations. My TBR has grown to epic proportions since I started following book bloggers.

I'm going to add you too to my blogroll and Google Reader!

Mary said...

I'm a newbie too, so yay for book blogs started this year.
I definitely agree with all of your comments here (although at 19 I'm still calling myself the target audience) and plan on keeping up on your blogging.

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