Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mixed Bag #1

So, I'm trying out another new feature. I wanted something where I could share articles, interviews, reviews or any other tidbits that I found interesting or funny. I also thought it might be a fun way to highlight great pieces from other writers and promote other bloggers. Anyway, hope you enjoy (and seriously, let me know what you think).

Books and Breakfast TV - William Kostakis writes a thought-provoking and passionate open letter to Sunrise about their new book club segment. Whilst obviously I'm very interested in the relationship between fiction and film, I still love reading new works and discovery something exciting and engaging in new and unestablished authors

The Nicholas Sparks Formula - Nicholas Sparks criticises Shakespeare and Austen for, in his opinion, apparently just re-writing the same story. ONTD retaliates

Showtime Drops Hero - I reviewed Hero in March and really liked it. I actually think, executed well, it would make an awesome series (admittedly, I originally was quite stuck on it being a film, but after some thought I think TV format would work better and allow us to go beyond what Moore deals with in the book). This article stems from a mention in the New York Times.

Parents Still Hate The Catcher In The Rye - Amelie Gillette of The AV Club's Hater section speaks about the ALA's Top Ten Most Challenged books in 2009. Interesting - I was really surprised with some of the results. My high school studied two of the listed books (To Kill A Mockingbird and The Chocolate War) as core texts in English.

Andrew McDonald interviews Penny Tangey - current blogger in residence for the Inside a Dog blog, McDonald interviews Penny Tangey about her debut novel Loving Richard Feynman, which is nominated for the CBCA 2010 Book of the Year for Older Readers.

♥  Persnickety Snark interviews Sarah Dessen - one of my favourite YA bloggers, Adele of the amazing Persnickety Snark, interviews one of my favourite YA authors, Sarah Dessen.

Steph Bowe tells us How To Write a Bad (Teen) Romance - I love Steph's posts! Though as a ginger ninja myself, if I ever wrote a book, I'm pretty sure one of my main characters would most definitely have to be a redhead (don't you guys know we could be extinct in a hundred years!)


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