Tuesday, April 6, 2010

By My Bedside

Whoops! Missed it last week, though the photos are probably still on my camera. Ah well! Sorry for the lack of posting lately - I got caught up in pre-Easter and Easter celebrations and un-fun things like work.
Anyway, here's a selection of this week's reading list (once again on my desk, not actually on my bedside table)

- The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants - Anne Brashares (for my upcoming Fiction to Film piece, which I've actually been working on for about a week)
- Loving Richard Feynman - Penny Tangey (re-reading for review and because Penny is appearing at the Wheeler Centre next week)
- Crackpot - John Waters (my favourite director! Thank you Book Depository for not charging me a ridiculous price for it)
- Spirit Sisters - Karina Machado (reading this as research for my other job)


kate.o.d said...

oh i love 'loving richard feynman'!

Girl Friday said...

Hehe, me too! I plowed through it in a couple of hours last week and loved it, and am now re-reading and enjoying it even more a second time :)

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