Thursday, March 18, 2010

Author Appreciation Week

I found it via YA-blogger-goddess, Persnickety Snark, but the concept originally came from Heidi R. Kling's Livejournal. Go forth and appreciate!

John Green
(Looking for Alaska, An Abundance of Katherines, Paper Towns)

Words probably can't express how much of a huge fan I am of John Green and his work, but I suppose I'll try anyway.
- He writes dynamic and engaging young adult fiction. His books are well-written and incredibly relatable. They are funny and awkward and incredibly touching and I pretty much recommend them to someone on a weekly basis.
- I especially love how well he writes supporting/best friend characters, who can often be overlooked or kinda two-dimensional. The Colonel, Hassan, Ben and Radar are all fully fleshed out, amazing characters who could really each carry a whole book of their own (personally, I would love love love a whole book about Hassan!)
- He is a huge advocate of teenage literature
- He is an all-round awesome dude, who is insanely funny. Seriously, I shall include just one of my many favourite You Tube clips to back this up.

Kathy Charles

I also really, really wanted to include an Australian author. I can remember the exact moment when I first read about Kathy Charles. I was sitting through the home/office of my boss and saw a review for a in one of The Age supplements. I have to admit I usually skim or even skip book reviews in most newspapers, but something grabbed me straight away. Amazing cover - check (I am a sucker for lovely cover art, and it has bitten me in the bum ... Prep I'm looking at you....), Australian author - check, book about non-cookie cutter teenagers - check, oh and wait, all about HOLLYWOOD DEATHS? One of my own favourite, semi-morbid interests!!!! I ended up purchasing Hollywood Ending straight after work and finished devouring it that night.

Why we should all be appreciating Kathy Charles
- Hollywood Ending is an amazing debut novel - quirky, funny and poignant and in my Top 3 Favourite Books of 2009.
- Her characters are incredibly endearing and relatable. Hilda and Hank, in particular, had one of the greatest, most touching relationships, I have read about in a while.
- Her blog is always the first place I check when I hear a celebrity has died (or in the case of Corey Haim, her facebook was the first to alert me).
- She has her own action figure!
- Her next book is going to be about serial killer art! I cannot possibly be the only one who is totally excited about that?
- If you are in Melbourne, she will be reading at the Wheeler Centre on April 12th with Michaela McGuire, Mic Looby and Penny Tangey. I'm psyched to go and have already picked out my outfit (just kidding ... but not really)


kate.o.d said...

oh how i love john green. i just got my copy of katherines back from a friend today and read the first few chapters on the tram home. loveslovesloves.

Girl Friday said...

Katherines is definitely my favourite John Green and I hope you end up enjoying it as much as I do :)

Also, thanks for being my first official follower!! This might sound a little weird, but I've actually read your blog a few times and really enjoy it (love the book and coffee/cafe reviews). So thanks again - Steph

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